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    St James Mission


    The Mission of St James’ School Community is to work in partnership with the family, Parish and wider community to:

    • Provide a safe, dynamic, caring environment, that is Christ and person centred,
    • Promote quality teaching and learning,
    • Nurture holistic and life-long learning,
    • Foster the Catholic story with its rituals, teachings, heritage and traditions,
    • Raise an awareness of global issues and our responsibility to act with justice and compassion,
    • Base the life of the school on the Gospel values,
    • Empower people with hope for the future, resilience and optimism in embracing change.

    The heart of St James’ mission is to engage in quality teaching and learning, and celebrate the Good News of Jesus.

    “I have come so that you may have life – life in all its fullness.” (John 10.10)

    St James is an integral part of St Joseph's Parish community and as such, plays an important role in the evangelizing mission of the Church. The teaching and learning of the Religious Education Program is reflected in our Mission Statement “to foster the Catholic story with its rituals, teachings and nurture holistic and life-long learning.”

    Teachers are not only academically competent but are also personally committed to Christ and the teaching of R.E.

    The outcomes of each unit are not only the attainment of knowledge but also the acquisition of Christian values and the discovery of truth. We believe that parents, as the ‘primary educators’ of their children in the Faith, contribute to the faith formation and religious education of their children and thus support our RE Program at school as well as the parish based Sacramental Program of Initiation.